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1 July 2014

The Sit Let Dynasty Awakens!

Nick speaking,

During my travels through the Warhammer facebook pages, I met fellow Necron enthusiast, Paul Bullock. He has the most amazing Necron Dynasty of all time, and I was very happy to meet Paul recently and see his army, or at least, most of it, on display at Salute this year. Having had a good chat with him, I asked him if he would do the honour of a guest post on my Blog, so that all of you good people got to find out all about it. Take it away Paul...

A guest blog by Paul Bullock...

So! Where do I begin my tale?....... essentially the building of this Necron Dynasty started out as the realisation of a childhood dream and spiralled out of control into what would become my mid life crisis!

As a kid I started the hobby at the age of 8, even that young I dreamed of a vast army not just a few squads. Two things however stood in my way both money and the desire and ability to paint that many models. I like most was a child of whim and never finished a project before starting the next. I rarely painted more than 10 models and always badly. The years passed, my painting abilities improved but I could still never complete a project. I took a 10 year break from the hobby and then one day I made the mistake of looking in the window of my local Games Workshop at the latest incarnation of the Necron race and was instantly hooked again.

Once I had explained my crazy idea (insert the word convinced or begged) to my wife she gave me the green light to start my collection again....a decision I am now confident she regrets! The agreement was it had to be funded entirely by my previous “toys or whims”. So I set out with a will and sold everything that I owned that was not nailed down and raised the funds. I also set out buying all of my kits new on spru but second hand from Ebay. I am proud of this as so far I have saved just under £1,000 on the RRP of my items. I set out with 10,000 stock points as a goal. All had to be built, based and painted to the highest standards. That 10,000 has since grown into the 20,000 point monster the Dynasty is now 14 months after beginning the project. Thats correct I have purchased and built 20,000 points and a full 6’ x 6’ custom realm of battle in just 14 months! So far 15,000 points of which are fully painted along with the gaming table. 

Now it’s time for my secret! Whilst I myself devoted every spare minute of my life to this project I have not done it alone. My good friend James Seymour is a professional painter and runs Blazing Brush Studio. James and I are able to mimic each other’s style perfectly, to the point where only the most skilled of judge could tell our work apart. I agreed to pay James for his time as is only fair and we began churning out units.

The army is based on a variety of bases but the major theme is the Scibor Egyptian Ruins range of excellent basing parts and Anarchy Models fabulous crystals. I wanted a striking colour scheme and the red of the Dynasty was born. The only mistake we made was time. Our first test units had very complicated paint jobs, with for example 3 stage edge highlights on all the red work...... the problem is my OCD kicked in and EVERY subsequent unit has had to be painted to the same standard.

Along the journey I started writing a book from the Necron perspective which I hope to submit to the BL when it is finished, an extract of which close this blog. This allowed me to bring my dream to life and to convert and paint many excellent custom units. James and I have maintained motivation by adding in these creations to the Dynasty every time we get a bit stale. From the Spider Immortals or my custom Szeras to my very own Silent King riding a Tomb Sentinel, each and every one has been fun!

I displayed 10,000 points of my Dynasty at Salute this year and received some really great feedback from our community. This has made all the hard work seem worthwhile and spurs me on to complete the project as something my son Jacob can inherit in the future..... The distant future!


The Sit Let Dynasty Awakens... 

His footsteps echoed around the crystalline walls of the passageway as he strode down the access tunnel toward the throne chamber. What little was left of his more emotional side always revelled in the thrill of the power he now held and the reaction others had to him. As Lord of Probability and Master of Destiny to the Phaeron, his power was almost as limitless as his Master’s. 
Those within the Dynasty still capable of emotion were right to fear him. Varhesh had spent millennia securing his position and had eliminated countless adversaries on his journey to the apex of his power. He now enjoyed real influence over the mighty Phaeron, although Varhesh was quick to remind himself that Si-Moog was no fool. To over step himself, even at his level, was to invite certain destruction.

Varhesh approached the gargantuan double doors that gave access to the centre of power over the billions-strong Dynasty. As the parent Dynasty of the mighty Silent King himself, prior to his ascendance the Sit Let Dynasty had always been one of the major powers among his race. Varhesh knew for a fact that they were now amongst the largest 2. The Dynasty had emerged from the great sleep with over 85% effectiveness and the Crypteks believed a further 5% could be brought to within optimum parameters. The other unfortunate 10% would be recycled. Si-Moog suffered no weakness and no stain of the betrayers amongst his kin....apart from his “pets” that was. 

The two impassive Lychguards standing in front of the doors parted wordlessly and opened the portal for him as was his right. Varhesh absently noted the slight phase distortion above the gates which marked the presence of the hidden contingent of Wraiths. Those silent guardians were the real protection for the chamber. The Lychguards, whilst formidable, served only a visual and ceremonial purpose. Not for the first time Varhesh was thankful for the far more sophisticated phase generators worn by his “ever-present” which phased them a fraction of a unit out of time with his own reality, making them completely undetectable to all save himself. Even as he thought this he knew they would be slipping through the portal undetected as they had a million times before. Varhesh allowed himself a moment to celebrate his brilliance again and then prepared to meet his lord.

As he stepped across the chamber’s threshold Varhesh again marvelled at its brilliance; designed as the architectural embodiment of the Dynasty’s might, it never failed to awe him. The chamber he knew was precisely 10,000 units square and was cut from the crystalline outer core of Minharvan, the central planet of power and Tomb world of the Sit Let Dynasty. In front of him was a crystalline bridge which spanned the vast chasm that encircled the central dias. Varhesh looked directly into the depths of the seething mass of magma that churned and boiled at the base of the chasm and just above the planet’s core. The effect of its heat was however non-existent, held in check by complex dampening fields.

Varhesh looked up and continued his journey across the bridge. He sent a mental signal to Lord Po-San the commander of the “ever-present” instructing him to wait here. Whilst Varhesh was confident no other member of his race could detect their presence he did not wish to test the theory on the mighty Phaeron. If Si-Moog detected them, they would be terminated like children of the vermin and he would be destroyed by either his master’s wrath or one of the “Brotherhood of the Scarab”. The Phaeron’s personal bodyguard were nothing less than the most heavily augmented and fearsome Lychguard ever created. Whilst only 10 in number, each one was capable of terminating even the most powerful of Lords in single combat. Had not the disgraced Lord Tesh met his end only last cycle at the hands of Ke-Mass the leader of the brotherhood?

It was Ke-Mass himself who waited at the far side of the bridge for Varhesh. Towering at least a head over Varhesh he was an imposing sight. “Lord Varhesh a pleasure as always, our Master is eager for your council. We all watched your little experiment with interest, although I should warn you he is displeased with the losses suffered”. 

Varhesh stifled his rage at being so spoken to by any other than Si-Moog but Ke-Mass was a special case, fearsomely loyal to their master he enjoyed the ear of Si-Moog as he was trusted by their Lord even above Varhesh himself. “That Brother Ke-Mass is why it was the Herald’s forces that I utilised for my experiment”. “Clever as always Lord Varhesh, however do not underestimate the importance our master places on the Herald and more importantly whom the Herald serves. As mighty as our lord is there is still one to which he bends the knee. I caution you to do nothing that would damage his perception in the Mighty Ones eyes”. “Do not forget your place Ke-Mass, I most of all, do not need your warnings when it comes to possibilities. I have foreseen them all and they all turn in our favour. Our time is now, our domain will be everywhere.”

Ke-Mass turned his back on Varhesh, this was to be his only response. Ke-Mass slammed the butt blade of his massive “Covenant Scythe” - the weapon made by Master Cryptek Elshinak exclusively for the Brotherhood - down onto the Crystal surface of the floor and a pure note punctuated the silence of the Chamber. “Lord Varhesh, Master of Destiny” Ke-Mass’s voice grated out across the chamber. 

The only movement of the mighty figure seated atop the throne of the Dynasty was the slight inclination of his head. As Si-Moog’s soulless and baleful gaze settled on Varhesh he had to stifle the fear that his master still caused in him. Phaeron Si-Moog, Lord of all the Sit Let Dynasty and its domains was the most imposing figure Varhesh had ever seen in all his long cycles. This was a more impressive thought when Varhesh reminded himself he had personally imprisoned two C’Tan Shards.

Si-Moog like all of their kind was created in an image calculated to cause horror amongst the “Vermin” but his massive sections of external and highly ornate armour only added to his fearsome appearance. His left hand rippled with eldritch power as the dormant force and disruption generators contained within the “Wrath of the Devine” made their presence known in a calculated gesture by his Lord. The relic of power for the Dynasty and bequeathed to Si-Moog by the Silent King himself was not the most impressive of the Phaerons’ weaponry however. The massive “Staff of Light” was holstered to the side of his throne. That lance of unthinkable power harnessed the energy of a dying star and could destroy the mightiest of foe with ease. All this was however mere pageantry within the Dynasty when it came to Si-Moog’s lethality. As master of the billions, hardwired into his brain was the command algorithms for all of his subjects and he could terminate any member of his Dynasty with a mere thought. His gold crest resplendent above his skull marking him, even to the uneducated as dominant amongst the dominant race in the Universe. Varhesh, corrected himself...soon to be dominant again. First they had to extinguish the horrible and numerous vermin races that had popped up and foolishly laid claim to the void as their own during the great sleep...


  1. Very cool. And in such a short space of time, can't wait to see more.

  2. I love the red he used. Very non standard necron. Really stands out. Painted to an excellent quality (well beyond tabletop)

  3. You are right there, and it's great to see the Laser Cut Card stuff painted red too, looks awesome :)


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