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16 January 2015

The State of 40k!

Rob speaking,

So its been a while since my last post for Nick, life has been busy, moving house and setting up working from home. I have however still been playing 40k, but that's not what I'm here to talk about. Today I'm wanting to ask a general question, what do you think of the current state of 40k?

With all the Dataslates, Formations, Combined Arms, Detachments and Allies. It's a lot to get your head around, not including Forge World, Lords of War and Super Heavies that are regularly part of the game now.

I cast my mind back to 4th/5th Edition with a release every three to six months or so, nothing in between the big releases, things got a little stale, Grey Knights were all over the tournament scene and many people were wishing for quicker releases. But has today's GW release schedule got to much? The competitive player in me says yes, I'm not going to lie, I'm struggling with all the reading as I prepare for Caledoninian 2015 (the biggest 40k event in the UK currently at one hundred and eighty players sold out). I'm just about through reading the Blood Angels book now, but, in reality I'm still trying to work out the Tyranid releases and how they will play and with Necrons due out soon. Tough for the competitive player (or any player) to play an all comers list that has answers to every list in the game.

But the hobbiest and casual gamer in me says this is a super cool period for us 40k players, all these new models, new rules and formations, it's exciting. I mean, I'm looking at the Harlequin rumours, they will be released in the next four to six weeks and I'm wishing this to be true! Something the 4th/5th Editions players wanted, myself included. I think this also coincides with the balanced nature of all the books/releases (bar Ad Lance campaign book) which to me, is making the game very enjoyable.

I'm really enjoying the current state of 40k, I think 7th Edition has been the most fun to date edition for me (played since 3rd Edition, but mainly 4th onwards) and I really enjoy the challenge of learning new Codexes and working out how to beat them with my Eldar/Inquisition force!

But what's your take?



  1. Loving 7th. So much insane variety in lists. It's so wonderful!

  2. It certainly has opened up things so much

  3. There is too much now and it has cost me a lot of interest in the game.

  4. Yeah, I can see that, my gaming group hasn't really taken all the new stuff into account, maybe an odd unbound list, but that's about it, so It has been OK for me, but I can see it being an issue if your local group goes all out or if your in a competitive environment

  5. I was new to 40K when 7th came along, I had played less than 5 games in 6th. So the changes were not felt so greatly by myself.

    I am really enjoying it! The only really noticeable change for me is the survivability of vehicles now as they are are harder to one shot. But that only means that weapons that can glance are more 'powerful/effective'.

    The state of 40K for me is great, its all new and I like seeing these new codexes being released, I can see things are developing and new models are appearing. What does worry me though is some of the opinions on the new Blood Angels codex, that is boring, that the flavour as gone and that there were very few new models. I do not know what to make of that, but its not great if you're a BA player and as a player who is thinking of taking on a Flesh Tearer force I hope its not a sign of individuality being removed to make codexes for generic and 'balanced'.

    Thats my '2 pence'.

  6. GW are certainly trying to balance the game more, we've not seen a codex/formation like the Imperial Knights for a few releases, although Necrons are out soon, so that might change.

    I personally like the change to better balanced book, but I agree, taking the flavour out the game is never good!

  7. I agree!!

    But where do we draw the line?


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