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22 May 2015

A new store that does what all stores SHOULD!

Nick speaking,

A new store that does what all stores SHOULD! Stocking all tabletop, CCG and board games online and instore with great prices & service!

Sounds good doesn't it, well this store is going to happen and it is going to be run by one of my good buddies Martin McNeil, he has the premises ready and is in the process of doing the website for the store, but before the store opens he is doing a little Kickstarter for the project where we can benefit from extra discount on the stock, plus a few more incentives. I will let Martin explain a bit more, but please remember, every pound helps as does every share...
Hi folks,

I am opening a HUGE wargaming store in Southport, in the North West of England (just above Liverpool).

There are lots of different hobby stores dotted around the country of all different shapes and sizes. From Games Workshop to the small hobby shop in a corner of a newsagents.

I have been a business consultant for many years in the motor trade and have been responsible for trouble shooting dealers such as Audi, VW, Jaguar and Mercedes. I take the bad practices out and put in good ones. It is not rocket science to do and pretty much involves looking at what works for other dealers. I want to bring that knowledge to the hobby industry and make a store that is EVERYTHING the customer wants and has EVERYTHING they need available whilst providing a relaxed, friendly non-pushy environment.

I am a gamer and hobbyist myself but unlike so many unsuccessful stores in the past I intend to 'put the horse before the cart' and remember that it is a business first.

So what will be different about Wargames?

*A bright clean space with lots of demo and gaming tables available. Plenty of room to move around the tables, plus an area on each table for reserves, dead minis, books etc.

*Full lines of all the main game systems including GW, Bolt Action, X-Wing, Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, Mantic etc. All at discounted prices and IN STOCK.

*Clean toilets, hot and cold drinks plus snacks and sweets.

*Good quality tables with proper terrain to play on, a couch and seating 'chill out' area to play board and card games or just have a chat with fellow gamers. There will also be a reference library of books, magazies and novels to read or take away for a short period.

*A fully equipped hobby area to paint, build and airbrush away to your hearts content.

*On the higher floors will be the mass of gaming tables (approx 50) for club events, apocalypse style games and regular tournaments.

Naturally there will be an online store to offer ALL of the store products too, at the same great prices you find in store. There will be a live stocking system linked with the webstore and physical store so if the item is not in stock you will have the option of receiving part of your order in 48 hours and the rest to follow within 10 days or cancel the order. I intend to be as honest as possible with my customers as bad reputation travels fast.

So what do I need a kickstarter for??

Basically I have the building secured, the website is ready to go and the shop fit, money and staff are in place but I need as much stock as I can get to make this work for both me and you guys, and my money just does not stretch that far.

I am asking for people to buy into both ME and the STORE and give what you can. There are obvious rewards for those close enough to visit but the online benefits are there for others. I am part of a GREAT community on YouTube and my channel will grow alongside the store offering tutorials, battle reports, and an opportunity to 'Challenge Martin' (think of MiniWargaming and that's my sort of aim)

You do not have to be a member to visit the store and for a small daily fee of just £3.50 you can have full access to all the tables and game systems, this can be taken to a £20 monthly membership or £60 half yearly and £100 annual. With membership you will get priority booking and advance notice on events such as masterclass painting tutorials and tournaments and also a membership discount.

It seems a lot of money but from the community out there and seeing the interest in the hobby it could be achieved and even surpassed. If the project is successful then I will look to be open for September and any funds over the target will simply improve the store.

Here is my YouTube channel, feel free to subscribe and watch for more in depth talk and vision of the store

Thanks for taking the time to look and please take my gratitude for your pledge.


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