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HELP for HEROES 'Ultramarines'

Charity Raffle

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Nick speaking,

Welcome to the official home page of the HELP for HEROES 'Ultramarines' charity raffle, where everyone had a chance of winning an Ultramarines army, donated, built and painted by the very talented YouTube Wargaming Community. The project was headed up by myself and Dragonforge Studios, and we are now very pleased to be able to announce the winner of the army.

We are very proud to say that we managed to raise a total of £2091.79, which couldn't of happened if it wasn't for all the very generous people on the project, and to everyone who bought tickets and donated money for the army raffle. All the proceeds from the project have gone towards the fantastic work done by the HELP for HEROES charity, so a massive thank you to everyone.

Now to announce the winner! A big thank you to all who organised the Salute event where we showcased the army. We had an amazing day, and it was great to meet some of you in person. We did the draw a few days after the event, and we are very pleased to announce that the winner of the HELP for HEROES 'Ultramarines' army is...  

Congratulation to Wayne Bollands, who won the army, we really hope that you enjoy your prize and that it will do you honour on the battlefield. I have posted a video below of the draw being done and a list of all the contributors who made the whole thing possible with some pictures of your new army, enjoy!

HELP for HEROES 'Ultramarines' Contributors

Here is a list of all the talented and generous people who made this all happen, be sure to check out the links to watch their progress...

Dragonforge Studios: 
Jason Prior:
Thomas Gessler:
Grawly's Lair:
Moggys Miniatures: 
Old Git:
The Real Mythril:
Greg Huff:
Terrain Direct:
White Metal Games:
Stg Oddballz: 
Spud Tate:
Martin McNeil:  

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HELP for HEROES 'Ultramarines' Army Pictures

Rhino by Frostblade77

Devastator Squad by BazookaJRambo

 Marneus Calgar by Mammoth Painting Studio

Vanguard Veterans by Wortiger

Tactical Squad by Vanhammer73

The Master of Marches by COURAGEnHONOUR

 Predator by Aceface

Tactical Squad by Grawly's Lair

Captain Master of the Rites by Towelie023

Limited Ed. Figure by Aceface

The Master of Marches by COURAGEnHONOUR

Tactical Squad by COURAGEnHONOUR

Tactical Squad by COURAGEnHONOUR

Tactical Squad by COURAGEnHONOUR

Rhino by The Real Mythril

Bike Squad by IDICBeer

Chaplain Judd Clausel by Frostblade77

 Sergeant Tellion by Dunk1978banker

Assault Squad by Frostblade77

Apothecary by Sinzaren

Devastator Squad by Sinzaren

Bastion by White Metal Games

Librarian by Moggys Miniatures

Stormraven by Cruorangelussilicis

Rhino with Tactical Squad by Martin McNeil

Storm Talons by Martin McNeil

 Vindicator by Chuffy

Sargeant/Hero by Kikumiku7


  1. Yay a new year a new army. Bring it on

  2. Woo hoo I am going to talk to Alex and we may enter/participate

  3. Replies
    1. Hopefully it will be mate, looking forward to doing all again :D

  4. I did not participate on the other one, but I will definetly participate on this one

  5. Great idea for a great cause, I wish you all the best of luck with the project.

    How do we donate funds/miniatures?

  6. Thanks Trevor,

    Donating/buying tickets will be announced here and on my YouTube Channel when the time comes. Donated minis can come straight to me, just email mail me mate

    Thanks very much


  7. How do i select which unit to paint, who do i send the info of the unit i want to paint and donate?

    1. Hi there, we have enough painters tbh, but if you want to donate, just email on the email address listed on the page.



  8. Any update on when donations open?

  9. Can I only donate using credit card? No paypal?

  10. I read that you have enough painters for this raffle donation. How can we be apart of the next raffle or donation as a painter? I'd love to put together a special character or unit. It's always fun going outside the norm of painting or doing artwork. How can we go about doing so? And what will the next army be or planned to be raffled or donated off?

    J. Perez

    1. Hi, thanks for the offer, that is very kind of you. The current 40 painters will get first offers to stay in the event. Ee usually get a few people dropping out and spaces becoming available, if so then it is a first come first served situation. I will add you to the list for next year, but I cannot promise anything. Next years army is decided already, but it is currently a secret ;)




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